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Mr. President; Remain Focused

Your Excellency,
While some citizens may feel the need to condemn, criticize, or attack your every move under the pretext of patriotism, love for country, and holding public officials to account, do not let them derail you.

Natta Mass

Remember, not many were happy with your ascension albeit by popular choice; they said as much. They questioned your competence and your loyalty to country. Their disappointment they masked in a new crusade of ‘national’ duty to hold you ‘accountable’. Whatever you do, in their eyes will never be good enough, if deemed as good at all. To them you will always fall short or you could have done it differently. Wonder why no commendation comes from that camp? They hide behind the mantra that they do not want be sycophants or promote sycophancy. (more…)

The UDP Is the Political Party of Most Average Gambians

I don’t know how many times do I have to say that the UDP is the natural political party of The Gambia.
The UDP is the political party of most average Gambians.

UDP Secretary General

The UDP should never hesitate to go to the polls any day of the week in The Gambia.
The national interest The Gambia and the good fortunes of The Gambia are inter connected with the Sublime Force that is behind the sail of the UDP. That’s why Jammeh was not able to kill the UDP.
The leadership of the UDP should not play to the party politics of democracy in the short term and thereby inadvertently compromise the security and wellbeing of the silent majority (the sublime force behind UDP) in the long term. (more…)

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