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Mandinkaya is an integral transnational tribe spanning across west Africa. There will be no country called The Gambia without the mandinkas and there will be no Gambia as we know it without kombo. It’s only in The Gambia that you have a tribe that makes up about half the population of the country and therefore contributes about half of our national cake and is constantly subjected to unnecessary and warranted abuse and insults in the name of politics. (more…)

How to Restore Rule by Consent and Accountable Democracy in The Gambia?

To reconnect the wider Gambian populace with their democratically elected political masters, the president and ministers of the state should be elected members of the National Assembly.

The Gambia has decided
The American style of democracy is unworkable in that the president more often than not relies on executive powers/orders to run the affairs of the state rather than a cabinet style democracy where parliament is sovereign and parliamentary participation and consent in the democratic process of running the state is held paramount. In a new Gambia, the president and his cabinet should be elected members of the National Assembly. (more…)

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