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African Countries Should Learn Lesson…

African countries should learn some lessons from their South American counterparts. Political and economic developments of South American countries fueled by socialist policies are on the reverse. South American socialist leaders are being purged out of office one by one.

Maduro of Venezuela is standing firm thanks to the support of the military. Who takes over from these deposed socialist leaders? Their popular Bolivarian revolutions are on the decline bcos of the lack of a single political and economic bloc to represent their shared economic interests.

Then Jump in the Wall Street financiers. Back to square one again.
The main lesson that African countries should learn from their South American counterparts is the need to come together in a single political and economic bloc to sustain and defend their economic interests. One step forward and two steps backward political and economic struggles between the common interest of the locals and the predatory foreign capitalists are set to continue until a single body serves as the access point to our economies. Divide and dominate is the name of the game of the exploiters.
African countries need to learn that lesson from what is going on in South America right now.
By Yusupha Bojang

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