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UDP Is Gambia’s Natural Political Party, But…

A political party or movement is a vehicle to get into power. Every political party or movement has a fuel that keeps it burning and relevant. Internal party management and vision for the country plays key parts in convincing the country to entrust a political party with the management of the affairs of the state. How a political party in power conducts itself reassures the nation about putting their trust in them.
UDP is the natural political party of The Gambia. Democracy is all about numbers. The coalition government is quite rightly UDP dominated and as such it’s seen as a UDP government.
What ever president Barrow does impacts on the image of the UDP. Still a coalition government nonetheless.
Politically, it will be very unwise of the UDP to support President Barrow in trying to flaunt the coalition MOU of a three years transitional period. That agreement was what was promised to the country. That is what should be done by the president. Failure to honour the agreement will impact negatively on the political standing and fortunes of the UDP.

The interest of the party should equal to the interest of the nation. The interest of the party and the interest of the nation for generations to come should weigh heavily on the minds of the current leadership of the UDP. The UDP can win and win again many more elections in The Gambia for many more generations to come based on how we conduct ourselves in power.
Any serious observer of contemporary Gambian political history will appreciate the fact that any time that the natural force that was behind PPP and now behind UDP falls out of step with the government of the day in The Gambia, the country becomes a different Gambia for most ordinary Gambians. Jammeh’s was not the first time, though he was the most brutal. The blame for that goes to the leadership of the natural force > manifested in a political party > for failing to manage the party in the long term interest of the nation. We are about to fall for the same mistake again for short term political gains. The party and the forces behind the movement should not be surprised when they find themselves in another un-Gambian situation. Let the long term interest of the party which is the long term interest of the nation be the strategic focus of the leadership of the party.
Let President Barrow step down after three years and the natural force shall continue to be the natural political party of The Gambia for the national interest of The Gambia. To give in to short term political gambles by certain short term elements within the party will blight the future unity and fortunes of the party. The force behind the party and the national interest of The Gambia are joined at the hip.
For now it’s the natural political party of the nation and it’s once again looking for a long term strategic leadership in the long term interest of the nation and ordinary Gambians.
If the long term political interest of the UDP is protected, the national interest of The Gambia is served.y
By Yusupha Bojang

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