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Letter From Scotland With Yusupha Bojang

Sometimes I wonder how many people realize that the current international “order” around politics, finance and trade are artificial and man made.

The Gambia has decided
That history is written by the victors and that the present global arrangements/systems are unfairly arranged In favor of the main architects of the arrangements. That these systems have changed and evolved over time to rebalance and accommodate the fair demands of those who feel hard done by. African countries (AU) should ask for the global

order to readjust once again and allow Africa to coin and issue her own currencies. For African countries to undergo sustainable socioeconomic development and protect her beautiful environment, African countries must take control over the financial and monetary levers of their economies. Loans and grants plus their interest payments (Renteer capitalism) is neither sustainable nor environmentally friendly. Leasing money out to African governments from their former colonial masters in the forms of loans and grants on interest is the obstacle to Africa’s socioeconomic development. The AU on behalf of African countries should call on the “international community” to allow Africa to be in control of her monetary and economic levers (coin and issue her own currency). There is no alternative to this ultimate demand to free Africa from the clutches of neoliberalism and international bankers.
African youths and able bodied persons are leaving the continent in droves through mass migration due to lack of hope and opportunities which is a direct result of the lack of funds to invest in the people and their economies. To develop and invest in your citizens, you must be in control of the your financial and monetary levers.
You can have a billion universities and a billion university graduates, a million think tanks and millions of “experts” in whatever but once you country is financed by loans and grants on interest it will never be a free prosperous country and you’ll slowly bid bye bye to your cherished environment.
Democracy and the rule of law, education and justice are all fine and desirable but to be in control of your money and finances is the only way to be in charge of your socioeconomic development and environmental protection. Knowing your problem is half way to solving your problem.
Pipe dreams and tunnel visions, muddled thinking and Alice in wonderland politics are not in the interest of Africa, Africans and our priceless environment.
Courage and a crystal clear vision of the direction of travel coupled with pragmatism is the only winner for Africa. We have to stop doing as we are told and start asking for what is fair, just and sustainable.
Good Luck

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