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Letter From Scotland With Yusupha Bojang

To govern is to be in control. How comfy your “control” gets depends on getting the pulse of the nation right. To govern is to take decisions and direct the affairs of the state. A government should have the confidence to govern the country without having to outsource the primary functions of state which is to govern. The government should not be doubting itself in what is the way forward.
How to fund public expenditures and consumption is the dilemma facing all governments around the world especially the third world countries.

In the developed countries, the private banks provide most of the funds in the form of debts. In the third world countries, it’s the IMF and banks in developed countries that provide the funds for our governments to finance themselves. They determine where their funds are spent. Most of our taxes and revenues go into servicing those funds and their interest payments. You don’t need a super state to determine what to do when that has already been determined.
What is missing in the governments of both developed countries and the developing countries is “authority”. Money is the authority and power. The ones who control the money are the real authority. The bankers finance our economies and they determine where their money goes.
We need to wrestle back the creation of money to fund public expenditures and consumption under public hands in both the developed and developing countries for our governments to be in control. Layer after layer of bodies to do more or less the same things is just an elaborate ploy to make the art of government look intricate and/or to cover up insecurity within the government.
We have a chance to keep things simple and slim to minimise expenses for ordinary citizens to have a taste of the leftovers.

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