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Letter Fron Scotland: The Answer to Criticisms of Our New Government

A layer of unelected technocrat state ministers doubled with another layer of a national think tank to do more or less the same job is the answer to criticisms of our new government.

The Gambia Think Tank Members
Let’s slot in anyone who is perceived to be a loudmouth to silence dissent is not a good sign of competence from a government that knows its bearings. This is not the type of changes ordinary Gambians are looking forward to. The Gambia does not need a super state where our tax money goes into only paying the salaries of the employees of the public sector with nothing left to spend on developing our public

services. The qualities of a good leadership is to embody the dreams and aspirations of the citizens of the country and translate their hopes and desires into tangible socioeconomic developments. Multiple layers of unaccountable unelected pen pushers taking over the jobs of our elected and accountable representatives (MPS) is a subversion of democracy. You don’t need a university degree to know what your problem is and how to solve it.
Mr. President, ordinary Gambians want to benefit from their paid taxes and resources in good health care services, electricity and road networks, good public schools and decent living conditions. A living wage for all workers and a social welfare safety net that supports ordinary citizens to make a normal living. An economy that provides real life chances and opportunities for our young people. You don’t need an elitist technocrat out of touch undemocratic multi layered bureaucracy to figure that out.
You have our MPS, the ministers and the civil service and now a national think tank. What’s going on? The Gambia is a very small country and it does not need a self serving super state establishments that are not delivering value for money at the expense of the national socioeconomic development of the people.
The transitional coalition government should be more targeted to a specific set of changes to key fundamental workings of the state (in a constitution) to usher in a new Gambia, but not to get preoccupied with establishing a super state. We can have the necessary legal changes and move on to a more vibrant economic socioeconomic development or end up with an almighty archaic super state structure that works for the few and not the many.
Our MPS must start talking for the sake of the country. Please do something and say something. Don’t just sit there and let unelected unaccountable private citizens do your jobs just cos the president says so. We need a new constitution for “yous” to take charge. Call for that now. Your country needs you to free the people from the unnecessary unelected unaccountable power grab. It’s in the making and it should not be allowed to happen.
By Yusupha Bojang

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