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Mandinkaya is an integral transnational tribe spanning across west Africa. There will be no country called The Gambia without the mandinkas and there will be no Gambia as we know it without kombo. It’s only in The Gambia that you have a tribe that makes up about half the population of the country and therefore contributes about half of our national cake and is constantly subjected to unnecessary and warranted abuse and insults in the name of politics.

This unacceptable disgusting behavior has to stop and it’s only we the Mandinkas who has to stop it. To call out the wrong doing of a person cannot be branded into calling out on a whole tribe especially a tribe that is transnational. The cover of democracy and freedom of speech cannot be used to indulge in hate speech and incitement to violence. Mandinkas have to know who they are and assume their rightful place in the very heart of Gambia. Democracy is all numbers. It’s the Mandinka leaders from Jawara to Darboe who are mistaken democracy for side-lining mandinkas in the name of whatever nonsense and it should stop 🛑.
The Gambia is a small country made up of different tribes but we are one people. How to make a living (survival) from the public purse is the motivation behind this “yabateh” directed against the Mandinkas forgetting that we the Mandinkas contribute about half of our National cake. Guises like I have a university degree among many other nonsense excuses are used to justify trying to keep us out. Those days are gone and will never come back again. The Gambia is mainly Mandinka plus many other tribes and we are one people one country, that’s the fact of the matter. Live in the real world or continue to live in your cloud coco land.
It’s not the case that every Mandinka is an employee of this government. Why keep saying Mandinkas, Mandinkas all the time then? We from kombo are not happy that not a single kombonka is appointed in the top flight of this government. How comes with kombo being the heart of the Gambia. Again my fellow kombonkas, this is totally unacceptable. When something like this happens again, then kombo should fight to retain its resources, taxes and revenues to be utilized in kombo for the people of kombo. Enough is enough. We’ve all got a life to live. Oh, I am educated (to have a degree), don’t know in what, cannot be an excuse to live off the people or exercise authority over the people. We have a lot of balancing act to do as a nation and a people otherwise things will fall apart

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