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Foraya Got It All Wrong & Should Come With An Apology

Mai Ahmad Fatty, the minister of interior in The Gambia, has refuted the false report on Foroyaa Communist newspaper that he has imposed curfew in Kanilai in Foni Kansala district. This false report came in after supporters of former dictator, Yahya Jammeh, rioted against the presence of West African peace keeping forces deployed in the area, which left one person died as a result. Below is the short statement of the Interior minister in refuting Foroyaa’s report that there is a curfew in the area

” I have no authority under law to either declare or impose a curfew in any part of The Gambia. I did not declare or authorize the imposition of a curfew in any part of The Gambia. The Gambia Government has not imposed or declared a curfew in any part of The Gambia. If conditions existed that will trigger such declaration or imposition in any part of the country, textual procedures must be followed. As of now, no such conditions have been determined to have existed.”
Mai Ahmad Fatty

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