President Yahya Jammeh Why Opprobrium in A Doom Cause or Did You Deserve to Die?

President Yahya Jammeh Why Opprobrium in A Doom Cause or Did You Deserve to Die?
Alagi Yorro Jallow
Only death can end both the spell to bewitch and the prerogative to dominate- and sometimes even death can snuff out power from a tyrant. The killing of a tyrant is specially designed to echo the leader’s vices (Jammeh is a narcissist, killer, bigot and misogynistic). President Yahya Jammeh ruled with an iron fist for the past 22 years, has tried to remain in power by contesting the results of the nation’s presidential poll before the Supreme Court, after initially conceding defeat in December.Jammeh believed that he could bully the Gambian people into becoming the lifelong ruler of The Gambia.

The Author- Alagie Yorro Jallow

President Yahya Jammeh became uniquely a sultan in his own right, notorious for his arrogance and foolishness.” The Gambian people have spoken and I have no reason to contest the will of the almighty Allah, “said Jammeh, a “proud dictator”.” The country will be in your hands in January (2017) and you are assured of my guidance on your transition and in selecting your new government “Yet less than a week later, outgoing president Jammeh did an about -face-face on national television to annulled the elections, which he described as plagued by “serious and unacceptable abnormalizes”. President Jammeh is illegitimate to rule and deserve to be killed or condemn in prison for life. (more…)


In this edition of Mengbe Kering, we are highlighting the powerful quotation of President-Elect Adama Barrow that the situation in Gambia is like a shaken calabash, but the water in it has not poured on the ground.
2. The big ship of Noah is still waiting ashore and that everybody needs to board in to be safe.

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